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No matter how advanced we as humans become, our first line of defense has always remained to be locks and keys. The duo has been known for centuries and has risen above all the alternatives present today. With a constant rise in crime rates and other potential threats, it is crucial to understand the need for preventing and dodging any loopholes that may compromise your security. We, Boston Locksmith Service, are leaders in providing the best locksmith in Boston, MA and can ensure your locks and keys remain in prime condition. Trust our brand for taking care of not only residential security but also for being a trusted commercial locksmith in Boston, MA as we have years of experience in catering to the lock and key industry. You would love the way we completely understand and secure homes and offices. Just call 617-322-5166 and your search for the best locksmith in Boston ends right here. We provide the most dependable and affordable locksmith services in Boston, MA.

Why Us?

With the invention of locks, came the locksmith. Ideally, we should never get locked out or lose our keys but you never know when you end up facing unexpected trouble with your locks and keys. When you struggle with such situations, all you need is quick assistance that brings the right solution at your doorstep. Look no further, and choose Boston Locksmith Service – a company that has been a leader in the locksmith industry now for years. With unmatchable services and patron trust, we have earned a name for ourselves in the state of Massachusetts.

With a full range of locksmith services to offer, we leave no stone unturned in providing the best assistance related to locks, keys, or security. Our reputation has evolved over the years and our consistent delivery of excellent services has helped us build a market brand that meets customer needs perfectly. It is the quality of our work and cost-effectiveness that adds to customer satisfaction and help us be a brand you can trust. If you need the best, then there’s no one better than us in the region! Give us a call today!

About us

During our first round of operations in Boston, MA, we were amongst the few businesses to provide security services for all of residential, commercial, and automotive requirements. Back then, the industry was new and we faced a lot of competition from fellow businesses. But as they say, the best is not like the rest and Boston Locksmith Service continued to grow, unlike other competitors. We took our time to build resources and our repository with the utmost professionalism and wanted to make a difference. Our promise to deliver quality service to all made us one of the best locksmiths in Boston MA in no time.

We have always focused on providing the most cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality of services. It took no time for us to surpass others and become the go-to destination for most of the residents across Boston, MA for locksmith services!

Fastest locksmith

No one likes to be in a lockout situation, desperately trying their way to get in. However, we, as the best locksmith in Boston, take lockouts seriously and offer an under 30-minute action after your distress call. We make this possible with state-of-the-art facilities and a pledge to serve our customers quickly with our services. Also, for emergencies demanding quicker action, we are equipped with mobile vans allowing us to render our service anytime, anywhere. Next time you need a locksmith, just pick your phone and dial 617-322-5166 to get superfast services.

24/7 service

Lockouts don’t happen intentionally and it does not depend on how organized you are. Sometimes, people break their keys in the car ignition or experience a jammed lock in the middle of the night. The need for a locksmith can arise at any time. That is why a locksmith business can only survive if it offers 24/7 support.

At Boston Locksmith Service, we offer 24/7 locksmith service to all our clients. Offering these services makes us not only the best residential locksmith service provider but also the best commercial locksmith in Boston, MA. Apart from providing emergency assistance, we also work at night for our commercial customers so that the lock installation/maintenance can happen in unproductive hours. What’s more? We do not charge even a penny extra for our late night services. You can call us in the middle of the night, and we'd be happy to assist you.

Be it lock repair or lockout assistance, your search for reliable locksmith services in Massachusetts ends with Boston Locksmith Service. Speak to our experts for a professional upgrade to your security systems, key cutting and much more!


We offer an exclusive range of services and products to meet customer needs. Our services include:

Automotive locksmith services:

Call our express automotive locksmith services on 617-322-5166 the next time you break your keys in a car engine or are locked out of your car. Our executives will respond to your distress call and take quick action in record time. The services include removing a broken key from ignition, duplicating keys, emergency assistance in a car lockout, rekeying locks, trunk unlock, transponder key programming etc.

Residential locksmith services:

Our residential locksmith services come handy in case you lose your house keys, or there was a theft in your neighborhood and you want to make sure your house is secured. Even if you have just moved in and want to rekey all locks, we are here to help. You can trust Boston Locksmith Service for all residential locksmith needs. With a squad of trained and professional locksmiths that knows how to handle sophisticated or traditional locks, we are sure to assist you. Just call us, and let us take it from there.

Commercial locksmith services:

Locks at the office are different from the ones installed at our home. The former needs to be heavy-duty and per the building code requirements set by the authorities. Handing over the work of commercial locks to the hands of an amateur will do more harm than good. Locksmiths who are not familiar with commercial locks could not provide solutions that are going to last long. You can trust Boston Locksmith Service as we know all the how-tos and have the required qualifications to serve as a commercial locksmith. With our services, you are guaranteed to get quality service that fits your pocket and meets your needs. Don’t take our word for it, trust the countless businesses who consider us the best commercial locksmith Boston, MA!

Emergency locksmith services:

Lock and key emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. We are a dependable and trusted brand that offers services 24/7. For us, weekends and holidays are not excuses we will make for missing out on our services. No matter when you call us, we would always have someone to answer your queries. Our services remain ON and can be availed no matter when or where you call us from in Massachusetts. From emergency key cutting to lock repair to lockout assistance, we do it all.

So, is there a reason to wait now? Boston Locksmith Service is the leading locksmith in Boston, offering high-quality services at an affordable price, has round-the-clock availability, and can get the job done quickly. Isn't that what is required from a good service provider? Wait no more and dial 617-322-5166 to hire us now.


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